SaveYourHealthCare is a platform devoted to improving Your Health Care.

Many conditions are age related and new treatments are evolving in the area of regenerative medicine which will be broken down here as there are charlatans offering expensive treatments that confuse the uninformed. For complex medical problems, you will need the involvement of competent and experienced medical providers.

Health Care is multifaceted so we will try to touch on many important areas of health that will also include diet, exercise, and weight loss and provide the supportive scientific rationale.

We are also providing insight to cutting edge methods of treatment.

To help in resolving issues of confidence of knowledge in a provider and medical treatments, many turn to the internet for sites that rely on patient reviews. These can be helpful but do not speak to the experience and competence of individual physicians. Although staff friendliness, office environment, scheduling, and trustworthiness (not sure how you judge this one) are nice, are these the questions you would ask your family doctor when referring you to another physician for a serious problem?

Docs that Docs like:

Well, this is what internet sites provide as well as a new look to the old yellow page style listing of physicians who are advertising their practice. Here, we will only list physicians recommended by other physicians who personally know the quality of their medical care and will not likely be influenced by the environment of their office.

Please understand that a platform like this has to start small and grow so do not be worried if your physician is not listed as we cannot list every great doctor here but will endeavor to get them here eventually. All of this, to help you care for the one thing you carry from birth to death that you cannot trade in or buy new again… the health of your BODY!

Please contact us directly as you have questions and inquiries.