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Docs that Docs Like.

Healthcare is complicated and all providers are not the same. We provide information that is understandable with providers that come highly recommended. Here, over time as this site builds our goal is to provide you with summaries of complicated research articles making them understandable.

This is not a site that enables you to make your own diagnosis. You likely have a diagnosis already and are looking for treatment alternatives. Here our goal is to provide you with provider options that are recommended by other physicians, not just a list of providers that are advertising their availability — this you can find elsewhere.

The Physicians listed on this site are by invitation only have been recommended by other physicians and may or may-not be local to you. For a difficult and complicate problem you may want to travel to see the best.

No. Only providers recommended by other physicians are listed — by invitation only. This site is new and as such we start with a small number. We actively search and encourage providers to apply.

Yes, This is a free service albeit limited as we get started. Thanks for your patience

Email us and we will work on it. We personally review all communication and are always improving.

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